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Trail Tips With Gary Patterson

Gary Patterson of the Great Rides App is a fan of our expanding Trail, and we’re thrilled to feature presently as a Bonus Ride.

The Great Rides App is the only App designed for the Great Rides of the New Zealand Cycle Trail. It’s free from the app stores, works offline and has over 1,500 pages of content.

The App is currently being updated and includes tabs and new pages such as bird calls, plant ID, and trail stories. It’s going to take Gary and his team three months to get the remaining Trails updated.

The new site has a fresh clean look, and as well as all the fantastic existing features, it’s much easier to browse, view photos, and includes new improved location maps.

We asked Gary for a few insider Kawatiri Coastal Trail Tips. Here’s what he had to say…


1 Get in Early – Ride the new Sections of Trail early when the gravels are freshly laid, and tell others about it before it becomes popular like the Lake Dunstan Trail.

2 Plan for the Sunset – This Trail is all about the Western coastline which has some of the finest trailside sunsets, so time your ride accordingly.

3 Take your time – Whilst it’s easy to zip along the wide and smooth trail, the best way to experience it is slowly. Take time on the wetland boardwalks to observe the wildlife. Take in the expansive coastal views, and stop off at attractions such as the Cape Foulwind seal colony.

You can download the App here. Or if you already have it, you can update the App on the Settings tab.

Photo credit: @nomadav.co.nz – Pūwaha Section

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