Ōkari Lagoon – Virgin Flat Road

1 Pūwaha

2 Kawau

3 Omau

4 Tauranga

5 Ōkari

6 Tōtara

7 Rahui

8 Waitakere









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Ōkari Lagoon – Virgin Flat Road


6.5 km

Grade 2 easy with some steeper sections of Grade 3, including hairpin bends.

Mobile coverage: Average

Dogs: Not Permitted

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Virgin Flat Road – Tōtara River

Please Note:
There is no parking at Virgin Flat Road. Please turn around and return to Ōkari Road.
Ōkari Overview

At the end of section 4 cross the road just before the Ōkari causeway, trail users will then head inland and will be enthralled by the diversity of landscapes that the Ōkari section of trail encompasses.
Initially passing a wetland area rich in birdlife, the trail then gently rises onto an elevated terrace of park-like farmland with stunning, panoramic views of the Tasman Sea and Paparoa Range. Leaving the farmland area, the trail meanders down through native forest until you reach the Ōkari River. Here, the trail runs adjacent to the river through the lush native forest abundant with birdlife that includes a remnant population of roroa or great spotted kiwi. Trail users will cross the impressive Ōkari River suspension bridge and continue on through Pamu farmland before heading uphill where the landscape changes again, winding its way through fascinating pakihi country. This section of trail ends at Virgin Flat Rd where we recommend people turn around and make their way back. Please note there is no car park area at the Virgin Flat Road end of this section of trail.

This section of trail is mainly grade two (easy) but there are some steeper parts with hairpin bends where we recommend caution, and cyclists to slow down. The trail also crosses several cattle stops with nylon swing bars that should be negotiated with care. Please note if cattle are crossing the trail in these areas you can move through the herd slowly.

Private landowners, Brownlee Farms and Pãmu Farms have generously allowed the Kawatiri Coastal Trail to traverse parts of their privately owned land. We ask that trail users respect this access by ensuring they stay on the trail when going through farmland and that ABSOLUTELY NO DOGS are taken through the Okari section. The No Dogs policy will also help to ensure the protection of the small, great spotted kiwi population residing in this section of the trail.

  • Expansive coastal outlooks with views to the Paparoa Ranges and Tasman Sea
  • Lush native forest
  • Abundant birdlife including the roroa, piwakawaka, tui, bellbirds and fern birds
  • The Ōkari River Suspension Bridge
  • Nocturnal native New Zealand pekapeka (bat) – small and silent to human ears.
  • European History – Flax and Timber Mills