Tales from the Trail
Official Opening of the Pūwaha Section
Celebrating the first Section of Trail between Westport and Carters Beach

The very first Section of the Kawatiri Coastal Trail opened to the public on the 6 December 2020. Visitors from our local communities and beyond the Region came in their droves to experience first hand the magic of the Pūwaha Section from Westport to Carters Beach.

Friends and families, the young and old, meandered the 5.5 km Trail both on foot and by bike. Across the course of the day, more than 300 people armed with curiosity took to the Trail, exploring the mix of wildlife, forest, suspension bridges, boardwalks, pristine wetlands, shelters and coastline.


12,000 use the Trail in the first 49 days

Between 9 December 2020 and 26 January 2021, the Trail had over 12,000 users with 3,433 on foot and 8,480 by bike. There were an average of 253 per day, with peaks of 583 on 27 December and 476 on 4 January.

We are grateful to all who have been involved with the project, and those enjoying this wonderful addition to West Coast adventures. Keep up to date with construction progress here on the website, and look forward to the opening of the Omau and Kawau Sections of the Trail later this year.

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