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The Kawatiri Coastal Trail project has been an ambitious and exciting journey for the Charleston-Westport Coastal Trail Trust (CWCTT), the not-for-profit organisation that is responsible for the construction of the 42km trail. With 23km of trail completed, the challenge ahead is to ensure this incredible asset is enhanced and maintain to a high standard, ensuring the trail’s sustainability now and into the future, for the enjoyment of generations to come.

The CWCT trust is extremely excited to welcome NBS on board as a ‘Platinum Sponsor’ and supporter of the Kawatiri Coastal Trail. NBS’s generosity, in committing to a three-year partnership with the trust is a welcomed boost to the sustainability of the trail and in supporting economic development in the Buller District. NBS’s contribution towards maintenance and enhancement will help take this amazing community asset from good to great.

NBS is committed to helping communities thrive and recognise the meritorious nature of the Kawatiri Coastal Trail project, a project that values the health of nature, people & place.

The CWCT trust also believe NBS are on a win, as this fantastic community asset showcases the very best of what the Buller has to offer – our untamed natural wilderness, beautiful coast lines and rich heritage stories. There are other benefits in being aligned with a project such as the Kawatiri Coastal Trail. Projects that have a strong focus on the restoration, protection and enhancement of our natural environment and our unique native flora and fauna are perfect partners for companies like NBS.

The CWCT trust are extremely grateful to NBS for their sponsorship of the Kawatiri Coastal Trail, and we encourage our communities to support NBS and other local businesses that support our people and place.


Through our “Friends of the Trail – Give a Little” page, 100% of your donation goes towards Trail maintenance and ongoing operations

Business Support

The trail offers a great opportunity for businesses to align themselves with a project that values the “Health of Nature, People and Place”


The Trail needs volunteers to help support essential maintenance and on-going operations.