Health & Safety

Kawatiri Coastal Trail | Te Huarahi Takutai o Kawatiri

Important Health & Safety Information for Trail Users

Your safety and enjoyment of the Kawatiri Coastal Trail is extremely important to us so please read the following carefully.

The Kawatiri Coastal Trail offers a unique experience for riders and walkers by immersing them in some of the most spectacular coastal and inland landscapes that can be found anywhere in New Zealand.

The Trail is rated Grade 2 easy but please be careful as there are short sections of Grade 3 where the gradient is steep, and bends are tight. Please adjust gears and ride with caution in these sections.

Although the trail can be accessed from multiple points and sections are not long, all trail users need to be aware that some sections of trail access remote environments and do require good planning and preparation to be ridden with full enjoyment and safety.


  • We advise that all trail users carry a cell phone with them – but please be aware that there are sections of the trail where there is no cell phone coverage thus, we encourage solo trail users to ensure someone is always aware of your cycle/walk intentions and destination times.
  • The Kawatiri Coastal Trail is an off-road trail that traverses a variety of natural habitats. Please be aware that at any time natural hazards such as tree branches, flax flowers and rocks etc can fall onto the trail. Please report any trail hazards asap to

 Trail users

  • Please do not overestimate the fitness and capabilities of yourself or other group members. The completed trail will cover 42km and full one day trail trips should only be attempted by fit and experienced riders and walkers.
  • Although most of the trail allows for dual riders and walkers, please be aware that cyclists and walkers will travel in both directions. Always keep to the left of the trail, bike at a speed where you can pass other riders safely and be cautious in areas where signage directs you to ‘Slow’ or where it states the ‘Trail Narrows’.
  • A buddy system should be put in place especially for lone riders. Make sure someone is aware of your intentions and that they are alerted when you have reached your end of day destination especially when the weather is inclement.
  • Groups of riders and walkers should stay together if possible. The pace should be determined by the speed of the slowest person. If this is not possible, plan to rendezvous at certain points.
  • Trail users should be self-sufficient and capable of dealing with any enforced stop,
    whether it be caused by a mechanical breakdown or an injury. Always carry water, snacks and a cell phone.
  • Be prepared for all weathers. There are some shelters along the trail but if you are forced to stop for a long period you can cool down quickly.

Incidents or accidents

  •  Details of incidents or accidents on the trail should be emailed as soon as possible after the event to

Toilet Stops

  • There are public toilets spaced along the trail. Please check the trail map and be aware of where toilet stops are located. Please respect the natural environment and fragile habitats you are travelling through, and do not use these natural habitats for your ablutions.

Trail Maintenance

  • Please be aware that maintenance teams work on the trail from time to time (pruning, spraying, planting, trap setting and clearing debris). Please proceed with caution in areas where signage indicates maintenance is in progress.
    Stay on the trail at all times. Please do not veer off the marked trail as much of the trail traverses privately owned land, please respect the privilege the landowners afford trail users.

No dogs on the trail

  • The trail passes through farmland and DOC conservation estate. Some areas are inhabited by threatened species such as little blue penguins and great spotted kiwi. Dogs pose a risk to these species and also to other trail users, especially inexperienced riders and children.

Essential “What to Take” Checklist

  • Map of Trail (hard copy or digital)
  • Bike repair kit
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Rain jacket
  • Warm clothing
  • Sand fly repellent
  • Sunblock
  • First aid kit
  • Camera
  • Cellphone
  • Cash

Report an Issue

If you come across something of concern on the Trail please let us know

Business Support

The trail offers a great opportunity for businesses to align themselves with a project that values the “Health of Nature, People and Place”


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