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Adventures With The Fat Boys Biking Club

Whilst most of us enjoy a little alone time, biking or walking with others comes with multiple benefits. Our motivation to get outdoors can lessen over the cooler months, so commit to plans with a group, as no one likes to let their friends down.

Riding together you can discover new Trails, and appreciate things previously unnoticed thanks to the curiosity of your companions. You can support and encourage each other to meet new goals, venture further, raise money for a cause, and most of all have fun.

One such group who enjoy riding together is the Fat Boys Biking Club from Greymouth. Regardless of energy reserves, a twinge in the knee, or unsettled weather, the Boys are ready for an adventure.

We caught up with club member Peter O’Sullivan, and Chair of the group currently constructing the 12km Lake Brunner Scenic Trail, which will link the townships of Moana to Mitchells at the southern end of the lake.

What was the purpose of your trip to Westport?

It was a social occasion, and an opportunity to share some biking and banter with a good group of friends.

Did you have a favourite spot on your ride?

I think it will be the part of the Trail from the cement works out to the Cape, which isn’t yet open. It looks as though there will be plenty of variety, and it’s very scenic.

What other cycle trails have your ridden?

We’ve ridden many trails over time, including the West Coast Wilderness Trail, Copper Mine Trail, and a number of other Nelson and Canterbury trails.

You didn’t have perfect weather. Did that impact on your experience?

It was very wet and windy at times, with the added bonus of a bit of hail! But we came prepared for all weather, and in the end it only added to the experience.

How did you find biking the Kawatiri Coastal Trail?

The Kawatiri Coastal Trail is very easy to ride. The Trail is exceptionally smooth and well drained. We very much enjoyed our ride, and the subsequent evening out in Westport.

The Fat Boys Biking Club captured their experience on the Trail with a little help from Mark Jones, who sits on the West Coast Wilderness Trail Board. Mark uses the App known as Relive, which enables users to track their outdoor activities, turn them into stories and animated videos, and of course follow others on their adventures.

You can watch the Fat Boys Biking Club video and find out more about Relive here.

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